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What makes Foxwood Leather Craftsmanship so good?

Our designers work on the site of Christchurch Airfield and are inspired by a time of design and innovation that this area was saturated in for so many decades.

With our feet standing on the past, our eyes are looking forward to the now. Fashion inspires us as we take new trends and interpret them with our own spin. Every element adds something beautiful and useful, but most of all great leather craftsmanship goes into every design.

Every case is created right here in Dorset on the south coast of England. With 21st century needs focusing our designers to make form and function balance beautifully.

Who We Are

Foxwood is a luxury case brand based in Christchurch, located in the south coast of England. We produce high quality designs using only the best materials to provide you with exquisite products that you can enjoy every day.


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