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About Foxwood

Up until 1964 Christchurch Airfield, Dorset, was leading the way in aircraft design. Proving itself as an area of excellence in manufacture and forging ahead in the aviation industry.

During an age when engineering, design and manufacturing were changing rapidly. The workforce at Christchurch Airfield proved functionality could be beautiful. This is something we at Foxwood strive to achieve ­– by combining practicality with our unique style in everything we create.

Foxwood Avenue remains today as a reminder of when Christchurch was the centre of British craftsmanship on the South coast.

Foxwood takes forward the spirit of innovation, the passion for creativity and an enormous sense of pride in our work.

Just like those that came before us.

Who We Are

Foxwood is a luxury case brand based in Christchurch, located in the south coast of England. We produce high quality designs using only the best materials to provide you with exquisite products that you can enjoy every day.


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