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Leather care

Each Foxwood case is manufactured using natural leather and, like all high quality leather, with time will develop a subtle leather patina and may even change colour. This is natural, adds character to your case, and intensifies its unique Foxwood look.

To clean your case:

Take your phone out first
Mix warm water with a small amount of fragrance and colour free soap
Dip a clean cloth into the liquid and squeeze out excess liquid
Use the damp cloth to clean the surface, wiping in the direction of the grain of the leather

It’s important to be gentle: too much force or soap may change its colour or dry the leather out.

Leather is like skin: it can easily be damaged,
scratched, or cut if careless:

Extended exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures, or
humid conditions may damage the leather
Minimise contact with makeup, oil, or dyed materials to avoid staining your case
If your case gets wet, remove any residual liquid immediately and then
let the leather dry out naturally
When keeping in a bag, ensure that the case does not come into contact with sharp items, such as
keys or pens, or any rough surfaces


Who We Are

Foxwood is a luxury case brand based in Christchurch, located in the south coast of England. We produce high quality designs using only the best materials to provide you with exquisite products that you can enjoy every day.


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